Your best friend just had her first baby. You are currently overseas but will be returning to your hometown in a week


Write to your friend. In your letter,

  • congratulate your friend
  • tell her when you will be returning home
  • ask when you could drop in to meet her and the baby


Model Answer 1:

Dear Emma,

I cannot believe I am an aunt now! You have become the mother of a sweet baby girl to make me the happiest person in the world. Many congratulations and my love and blessing for both of you.

I regret that I am far away from you. As a matter of fact, I came to Tokyo to attend an official meeting last Monday. My tasks here will occupy me for another week or so I will return to Manhattan on 27th October. I want to see you and your baby as soon as I land. I will probably visit you first and then get back to my apartment.

Please do not hesitate to text or call me if you want me to bring anything for you. I will do some shopping for the baby and any suggestion from you is much welcomed.

I cannot wait to see you both. I have not heard such thrilling news in decades. My best wished to you all once again.

Warm wishes,



Model Answer 2:

Dear Jessica,

Hope this letter finds you in great health and spirit after going through a critical but one of the most wonderful moments of your life. Well, you wanted your firstborn to be a girl, and you have indeed been blessed with a baby girl! So, many congratulations to you, and your first baby who has just arrived in this world!

By the way, I am really sorry that I couldn’t be by your side to witness this wonderful but critical moment of your life since I needed to get out of town for a week to address an urgent matter in my office. Besides, I was told that you were not due until after another two weeks or so. But, whatever is the case, please know that you have always been in my prayer and you will always be.

Anyway, I am trying to finish my work as soon as I can and return to the city in the next couple of days, and I just can’t wait to put my eyes on your little angel. So, please let me know when it is a good time to visit you.

Warm wishes,

Linda Grace