You are going on holiday and you would like to hire a car. One of your parties is in a wheelchair.


Write a letter to a car hire company. In your letter


  • explain the reason you need the car
  • describe the type of car you need
  • ask what the price is and what it includes


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am planning to organise a trip for my family to Manali during the upcoming summer holiday and for this, I want to hire a four-wheeler. I am writing to inquire about the availability of an eight-seater SUV within the time period of 5th to 10th November 2021.

First, I would like to inform you that my grandfather is in a wheelchair and he is also escorting us on the trip. Hence the vehicle should be spacious enough as the comfort of the passengers is the foremost consideration for us. Moreover, we have never been to Manali and we are totally unaware of the road maps. A car with a GPRS facility will be highly appreciated in this situation. And finally, I hope that there is no need to mention that we are expecting an AC drive in this hot summer.

Please confirm the availability of the vehicle comprising of the aforementioned amenities or an alternative with details, in the case of unavailability. I would be grateful if you can provide the quote for the same. Also, I am looking forward to hearing about any concession from your side on the reservation of the car well in advance with cash payment.

In anticipation of hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,