The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming more expansive; the rich are becoming more affluent, and the poor are getting even more inadequate. What problems can this situation cause? What can be done to reduce this gap? Include relevant examples from your knowledge and experience to support your answer.

It has been observed that the gap between the affluent and the needy is getting wider. This significant distance has caused problems, such as discrimination and the erosion of humanitarian gestures. Benefiting the destitute masses with some loan schemes to make them independent enough to earn well can assist in decreasing this gap.

First off, the disparity in society will increase. The rich will look down upon the poor. The weaker section will feel segregated from other classes, and resultantly their ideas will clash. Different ideologies will be established, which will be because of the emergence of nefarious activities in the community, such as theft, murder, or kidnapping for the sake of money. Helpless people will participate in these horrific activities to survive in this world.

Moreover, the erosion of humanitarian gestures is inevitable. There will be no pity, affection, or respect for each other. A superiority complex among elite-class people will make them egoistic, destroying the community. Individuals will be ruthless.

On the other hand, if this gap creates a problem, there are many ways to reduce this gap. Firstly, the oppressed people must be helped by the government. This help can be provided to them by giving them some loans so that they can start their own business or shop to make ends meet. When they can earn well, they can raise their heads high in society, and other people will respect them. Poor people will not need to kidnap or murder someone to collect money to fulfill their family’s needs. Secondly, teaching human values to society’s people can help in lowering the gap. This can be done through dramatization as well as speeches by renowned personalities. This approach will help melt the hearts of hard-hearted people and fill their sympathies for the wretched creatures.

To conclude, considering the above analysis, it is ostensible that the difference between the wealthy and needy people will create disparity and a loss of human values. However, loan schemes and cultivating human values through dramas and speeches by eminent personalities can bridge the gap, and an egalitarian society will emerge.