In the past, people used to travel to see the differences between their home country and Japan. However, the scenery in places around the world seems similar nowadays. What are the causes of these similarities? Do you think that the advantages of these similarities outweigh the disadvantages? Include relevant examples from your experience or knowledge to support your answer.

In the past, people have gone outside their country to analyze how our country is different from other countries. There is no difference between the scenario of the past and the present time. Several causes are responsible for giving birth to this type of issue. In my opinion, this problem has a plethora of demerits that outweigh the merits, which will be elaborated on in the upcoming paragraph.

Initiating with the possible causes, the first and foremost source of no change in a scenario during time is that government is not an underlying hurdle in different areas. To elaborate, the administration has responsibility over its world. If the people of that area suffer from any problem, the credit for the solution always goes to the regime. Canada is an example. The scenario of Canada constantly changes from time to time, which depends upon management. As a result, the authorities are responsible for determining whether the system should be consistent with previous times or not. Secondly, the younger generation gives their money to foreign countries through tuition fees. A lot of deep pockets are transferring abroad, which is another main reason behind the similarities between the scenarios of the past and present time. Therefore, the nation’s budget is decreasing daily, which does not become helpful to the changes in the world.

Moreover, similarities in the places of the world for a long time have several drawbacks discussed in this passage. Firstly, the development of the world will stop at one point. To simplify it, the growth of any nation is directly proportional to the number of modifications. If changes are made, then the possibility of a prosperous nation can be seen shortly. Hence, if progress remains constant, the country will become poor. Secondly, this trend also gives birth to unemployment, a severe issue for human beings. People would have fewer opportunities to get a job. For instance, Rajasthan is one country with negligible job chances. Because the scenario of Rajasthan is the same as decades ago, Thus, the unemployment rate affects the economy of the country, which is not beneficial for the nation.

To conclude, the development of the world has become a burning question of the day. And a variety of causes are to blame for this problem, which gives rise to numerous drawbacks, such as constant development at one point and rising unemployment rates, which outweigh the benefits.