IELTS Write Right

by Charles Julian

314 Pages

95.13 MB

IELTS Write Right by Charles Julian is a guide to writing in English, focusing on the IELTS exam. The book covers grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary in detail. It also includes practice exercises and samples of student essays that examiners have given low marks.

Ielts Write Right is intended to assist you, the IELTS candidates, in expanding your repertoire of sentence structures, improving your coherence and cohesion, and extending your range of vocabulary to achieve better results in the IELTS writing section. By providing alternate model answers to IELTS writing tasks, it provides a framework within which you can discover for yourself many of the essential stylistic differences between everyday English and English as it is used in academic writing.

The book is designed as follows:
IELTS FAQs and Writing band scores
Writing task 1
Writing task 2
Writing task 1 ( general training)




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