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When it comes to learning English grammar, the best way is JUST to DO IT!

For learning grammar, you’ll find the most success in retaining your skills through drills, drills, and more drills. English Grammar Drills reinforce your knowledge and enhance your ability to read, write, and speak in English. Each chapter deals with only one subject, so you are not overwhelmed with information and drills and can proceed at a comfortable pace. With close to 200 exercises, you will get plenty of opportunities to practice what you have learned.

Mark Lester’s English Grammar Drills is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their grammar skills. This book provides easy-to-follow examples that you can use to learn how to correct your mistakes in no time at all. It covers all the basics, from verb tenses and usage of prepositions to punctuation and capitalization.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your writing skills, this book is exactly what you need!


English Grammar Drills 

Author(s): Mark Lester

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, Year: 2009

ISBN: 0071598111




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