Many people do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes and? Solution In these modern times, people do not feel safe in their homes or when cold due to the rapid advancement of contemporary society. I will look into the causes of this occurrence and provide possible solutions. In this paragraph, I will discuss the motivations behind the issue. There are many reasons why people feel dangerous when staying home or going out. The main reason is the level of crime rate is relatively high. The declining economy and stock market lead to the issues like employers dismissing their employees. Under such circumstances, many employees hardly find a new job and have no choice but to commit a crime such as stealing and robbing. In addition to this, another such cause is its deteriorating environment. Using auto production machines to produce more units usually releases a large amount of smoke, chemical gases, etcetera. Local people who typically stay at home will naturally feel there is euismod developing disease such as lung cancer. They cannot get fresh air but instead have to inhale heavy chemical gases, which affects their mental and physical health. Fortunately, there are some possible solutions. One such Solution is for the government can provide allowance to jobless people. Due to this, the laid-off workers and employees can afford daily essentials, which will significantly decrease the crime rates. On the other side, the industries should be constructed far away from the residential areas where only industrial disputes are handled. In closing, although many factors are responsible for the people who feel unsafe at home or outdoors, the government is in the best position to solve the problems.