Global issues

Problems in developing countries

Developing countries face a range if problems

Standards of healthcare and education are low

Life expectancy is usually lower than in developed countries

There is a lack of infrastructure, employment and good quality housing

Many people are forced to live in poverty

Food, drinking water and basic medicines are in short supply


How to help developing countries

The best form of help for developing countries is development aid

Richer nations can help by investing in long-term projects

Governments and charities can help by building new houses and schools

Globalization may also help developing countries

Multi-national companies can creating jobs in developing countries

On the other hand, many people emigrate to find work in richer countries

They often sand money back home to their families

This money helps to improve the standard of living in developing countries



Some people move to another countries in search of a better life

Many immigrants come from less developed countries

Richer, industrialized countries may offer opportunities for employment

Free healthcare and schooling are available in some developed countries

Other people migrate to a foreign country to improve their academic qualifications


Positives of immigration and Multi-cultural societies

From an economic perspective, immigration can be extremely positive

Many immigrants have skills that are needed in the country they move to

Immigrants who find work contribute to the economy of their new country

Many immigrants send money home to help family members

Immigration also creates cultural diversity

People of many different nationalities learn to live together

This can help people to become more open-minded and tolerant


Negatives of Immigration

Some people believe that immigrants take jobs that should go to local people

Some immigrant workers work longer hours for less money

Companies might pay lower salaries to immigrant workers

Unemployment rates could rise if there are too many immigrants


Opinions about Immigration

Immigration can help the economy of a country

It can create multi-cultural societies

However, immigration needs to be controlled

In many countries, immigrants need visas or work permit

Governments should stop companies from exploiting immigrant workers

Foreign and local workers should have the right to equal pay and conditions


Positives of Globalization

Business of becoming increasingly international

Multi-national companies do business across the world

Companies like MacDonald’s can be seen on high streets in most cities

Goods are produced in one country and sold in many others

A global economy means free trade between countries

This can strengthen political relationships

Globalization can also create opportunities for employment

It encourages investment in less developed countries

It could reduce poverty in the developing world


Negatives of Globalization

Globalization is not always beneficial to everyone

Companies can move to countries where labour is cheap

This creates redundancies, or job losses

Employees cannot be confident that they have stable jobs

Companies sometimes exploit their employees in developing countries

Global trade creates more waste and pollution


The future of Globalization

There should be global regulations for salaries and working conditions

Governments should impose laws to protect the environment