Describe someone in your family who you like


You should say:

  • how this person is related to you

  • what this person looks like

  • what kind of person he/she is

  • explain why you like this person.

Sample Answer:

Thank God that this cue card didn’t ask me to talk about someone in my family who I like more than the others because then that would be a disaster! After all, I like to give them the impression that I like them all equally, even though, in reality, that is not quite always possible. But, anyway, thank you for this interesting, and yet quite challenging, topic.

The person in my family, I’d like and want to talk about, is none other than my youngest uncle. But, even though, he is an uncle to me, to whom I should show due “respect” as per the culture of our society, I treat him more like a friend since we have about the same age. Initially, my parents and some of my other family members told me that it wasn’t quite appropriate for me to treat my “uncle” as my friend, but I didn’t really care that much about what they had to say, simply because my dear youngest uncle wouldn’t also prefer it any other way.

Anyway, to introduce my uncle a little here, he is not exactly a tall person even though he is a fairly healthy person otherwise. He has dark curly hair which he likes to keep tidy all the time. He has brown eyes, and he uses glasses because of a little problem with his eyesight. By the way, even though, this uncle of mine didn’t manage to finish his university studies, he has tremendous respect for highly educated persons. This uncle of mine has also little temper problem, but he is generally a very mild-mannered person otherwise.

Well, I like this person, mainly because he is like an open book, with whom it is very easy to relate. I like this dear uncle of mine also because he seems to be a very satisfied person in his life with whatever he has. Finally, the way he always likes to present himself as a health-conscious person also makes him a rather likeable person to me.


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