Describe an occasion when you wore your best clothes


You should say:

  • what occasion it was

  • what dresses you wore

  • who was present there

  • explain why you wore your best clothes for the occasion.

Sample Answer:

Well, this is such a tough topic for me to talk about, perhaps because I am more of a casual person when it comes to wearing dresses. In other words, I don’t necessarily wear clothes, thinking that they are the best clothes, whether I am going to a party or just going to a grocery shop nearby. But, still, today here, I am going to try real hard and remember an occasion when I actually thought that I wore my best clothes.

Anyway, the occasion, that best comes to my mind, on which I wore some of my best clothes was when I attended the marriage ceremony of my eldest cousin about 4 years ago from now. Back then, I was a young university student with courage and heart to try all kinds of dresses, whether they were made in a local clothing store of my town or by a world-famous clothing brand. I used to wear them as long as they made me feel comfortable in them. One such attire, which I really liked, included a dark navy blue jeans, a V-neck sweater (to use only during mild winter), and a light cream colour blazer.  Now, I didn’t really consider them as some of my best clothes until after one of my dear aunts (from my father’s side) had informed me about them, telling me that I looked really handsome in them.

By the way, there were many other guests at that wedding, including the other cousins of mine, my uncles and aunts, my parents, friends and colleagues of the groom, and a number of other people from my community. Needless to say, if I remember correctly, none of them was really wearing anything like my clothes. They were mostly wearing very formal suites and traditional dresses for wedding ceremonies.

So, I did wear the best clothes for that occasion, mainly because I wanted to make my cousin (the groom) happy on one of the most important days of his life. I wore these clothes also because they were very easy and comfortable to wear.


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