Describe an interesting animal that lives in water


You should say:

  • what animal it is

  • how you know about this animal

  • whether it is a common animal in your country

  • explain why you think it is an interesting animal.


Sample Answer:

From my childhood, I’ve always found the whale to be a fascinating creature. Due to its enormous size, I was a bit frightened of this sea animal in my childhood. However, I later learned in my school that it is never a ferocious or dangerous animal, rather quite the opposite. For this topic, I’ve decided to talk about whales, which live in the sea and have many fascinating characteristics.

I believe I first learned about whales when I was just 4 or 5 years old. I saw them on TV, and my mom told me that they’re the largest animals on earth and could grow as large as 30 meters long. I just imagined how large they really would be when I learned that an adult whale could be even 30 to 40 times larger than an elephant! I saw a whale for the first time when I was in high school and took a tour on a ship with my family.


Despite being aquatic animals, they’re much different from fishes and other water animals. A science journal once compared them to humans, and the details of this article fascinated my young and inquisitive mind to a great extent. Whales could be found in the deep sea, and that is why they’re not common in our country.

I can recall many fascinating features of this animal; however, their social belongings and highly developed instinct amaze me the most. Many whale species show strong family ties. In times of danger, they look after each other. Their maternal instincts are also highly advanced, much like a human mother. Specialists have found that whales can communicate over thousands of miles, and they contact one another through snores and groans. Isn’t that fascinating?


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