Describe an important choice you had to make in your life


You should say:

  • when you had to make this choice

  • what you had to choose between

  • whether you made a good choice

  • explain how you felt when you were making this choice.

Sample Answer:

Life perhaps would be a lot easier for us if we didn’t have to make any choices in life. But, then life is not meant to be easy, so we are forced to make choices at some points in order to meet the demands of time, just like I did about a few years ago.

I am not exactly an ambitious person who likes to achieve or acquire material things of life by hook or by crook. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a lazy person either. It is just that I don’t like too many complexities and commotions in and around my life which would push me too far away from my family and friends. But, that’s exactly what was about to happen to me, and that’s what I had thought when I was promoted at my office about a few years ago.

The promotion, of course, was offered to me with a better salary package and other benefits, but it also came with greater responsibilities and risks – responsibilities and risks which sure would give me more headaches and sleepless nights than I could perhaps handle. Besides, what else also had worried me about the promotion that I would need to stay away from my family for a brief period of time every once in a while. Now, I had to choose either to accept the promotion or stay in the same position. But, after giving it a lot of careful thoughts and consideration, I decided that I would rather live with a smaller paycheck than unnecessary headaches and health risks.

Anyway, as I was making this choice, I was a bit worried about its possible outcome or ramification, thinking that perhaps such a choice would hurt me professionally and financially later on. Besides, I was also asking myself if I was being too lazy or scared of extra responsibilities. But, in the end, I stuck with my choice because it was a good one in the greater scheme of things. A couple of years later, I got an even better job and a higher position without leaving my family and doing things that I always wanted to do.


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