Describe an environmental problem that you have noticed in your city/town


You should say:

  • what it is

  • what are the causes behind this problem

  • how it affects people

  • explain what could be done about it.

Sample Answer:

I’d like to begin by thanking you for this excellent topic that allows me to talk about an important issue. I think noise pollution is perhaps the worst environmental problem that I’ve noticed in the city where I live in. The hydraulic horn and other high-frequency sounds from different motor vehicles and construction works are primarily the sources of this noise pollution.

Our city is already the home to several million people, and the number of motorised vehicles that run on the streets in our city is also very high. Moreover, drivers often use horns indiscriminately and intermittently. Due to high traffic on the roads, every car wants to make room and go ahead, and it creates a chaotic situation. On top of that, our city’s infrastructure is developing faster than ever, and many development projects and construction works are ongoing. All these sources make noise pollution a severe problem for all of us.

Noise pollution affects the people in our city very adversely. It can hinder the proper mental growth of young children, make many psychological issues among adults, and impair our ability to hear properly. Long-term exposure to such noise pollutions can even completely ruin our ability to hear.

I believe we need extensive awareness campaigns to make people cognizant of the negative consequences of using horns and noise pollution. The administration must impose strict laws and rules so that drivers stop using horns unnecessarily. The authority should also take care of the development works so that they create as little noise as possible.