Latest Cue Cards Sep to Dec 2022 – Describe an English Class/Lesson that You Enjoyed

You should say:

What was taught in the class?
When did you take the class?
Where it was?
What did the teacher do that made you enjoy it?

Sample 1


English is not the mother tongue in most countries. So, people take training or classes to learn this language.
I am from India, and my mother tongue is Hindi.
I learned English in my childhood.
Here I would like to talk about one of the English classes that I enjoyed a lot.

When did you take the class? And where was it

After the twelfth class, I was free for about two months.
My family suggested I take English classes. So, some of my friends and I decided to attend English classes.
I live in a village. So, I had to travel daily to participate in a class because I joined that institute in the city.

What was taught in the class?

I am good at English but only in writing, but I always felt uncomfortable while speaking, so I joined speaking classes.
The speaking teacher was from Kerala. His English fluency was excellent.
He always explained everything( tenses, vocabulary) about the topic before he started speaking.

What did the teacher do that made you enjoy it?

He mostly used the projector to present his presentation, and after class, he always sent every presentation to the students’ email.
Moreover, he started with simple and easy sentences so every student could quickly speak them.
At the end of the class, he usually adds some vocabulary words in the speaking paragraph.


He was never fed up and listened carefully to every student to improve their speaking mistakes.


Sample 2


Well, in this contemporary epoch, English is not solely the mandatory subject in every institute but also has become a crucial part of every individual’s personality.

Here I would like to talk about an English class I enjoyed. I’m an innovative person and have the curiosity to learn something new in my life. That’s why I always try to bill my time by learning new vocabulary words to enhance my knowledge.

When did you take the class? And where was it?

I vividly remember when I was in elementary school. At that time, our English mentor arranged a particular class in language literature. As I have been interested in English since childhood, I was excited to attend that class.

What was taught in the class? What did the teacher do that made you enjoy it?

All the students gathered in the auditorium. In that class, the lecture was about Cinderella’s story. The most incredible thing was that the six aspirants on the stage represented the distinct characters in the story.

There was a character named Cinderella, the princess and main character of the story, a stepmother and two stepsisters of her, a character of a prince and a fairy Godmother.

Finally, the class started, and there was pin-drop silence in the hall as our mentor said, “Cinderella is the most important chapter of our syllabus, so listen carefully.”

Those chapters exquisitely represented the whole story, showing how the princess was tortured by her stepmother and stepsisters. They described how she came out of the cruel world and got married to a charming prince with the fairy godmother’s help.

After finishing a class, all the students talked about the particular type. Moreover, I learned a lesson that beauty is a treasure, but kindness is priceless.


Overall, this was the first English lecture that I enjoyed, and it was an electrifying experience.


Sample 3

Because English is not my mother tongue, I had to learn English in my childhood. However, because of a lack of practice, I thought I needed to revise my basics before I took the IELTS exam.

• As part of my preparation, I recently attended an English class.
• when I started the preparation, I got some of my writing tasks evaluated by teachers.
• My teachers told me that I was making grammatical mistakes and that I was making errors in the usage of tenses, especially.
• At first, I picked up the grammar book by Rennin Martin, but it was too big.
• I think I read the first two chapters and then gave up.
• I didn’t have the time or the patience to read the whole book.
• So, I searched for some English tenses lessons on YouTube.
• There, I came across a group of lectures on various tenses on a channel called Learn English with Milly.
• The lectures had me hooked from the get-go.
• The most exciting part of the lectures was that they compared the tenses.
• The lectures seemed tailor-made to address my problem because the main problem was with tenses.
• The teacher explained everything in detail, and although the lectures were long, I didn’t get bored.
• I think it was because of the humor.
• Every few minutes, the teacher said something that drew my attention and alerted me.
• I never felt like sitting in on a lecture, but instead like I was having a fun conversation with time.
• I think my English has improved dramatically because of those lessons, and I am happy I stumbled upon those videos.


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