Describe a wedding party which you have recently attended


You should say:

  • where the wedding was held

  • who was getting married

  • how it was celebrated

  • explain how much you enjoyed it.

Sample Answer:

One of my dear cousins – whose name is “Peter”, got married a couple of weeks ago. For this topic, I’d like to talk about my experience of attending this grand wedding ceremony, which I believe is one of the best programmes I’ve ever attended.

The wedding party was held in Peter’s parents’ house. Since they have a big house, they decided to arrange everything at their house, which, by the way, was a great decision, in my opinion.

Peter was getting married to Bella, his high school sweetheart and best friend. Peter and Bella are both excellent persons, and I hope they’ll be happy together forever.

The celebration was grand, and the wedding gave a majestic impression to the guests. It took three days just to decorate the entire house and yard. A marque was erected in front of the house, a special feast was served to the guests and the best cook in town was hired to take care of the food. But the most attractive thing about the wedding was that it helped two dear people of mine to tie the knot to become partners in life.

Personally, I enjoyed this wedding a lot. I loved the way it was celebrated, how people talked about the bride and the groom, how everyone was happy and looked so beautiful. It was a happy moment, and I enjoyed all of it to a great extent.


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