Describe a time you got up early IELTS Cue Card

Follow up Questions

Describe a time you got up early IELTS Cue Card

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a time you got up early”.

1.  Do you know anyone who likes to get up early?

Yes, my elder brother likes to get up early. He has this uncanny knack of waking up during the wee hours. According to him, he is a morning fighter, and during the early hours, he has enough willpower to finish his pending works at a rapid pace.

2.  Why do people get up early?

The prominent reason for getting up early is to get a lead in terms of work. Those who get up early have the advantage of being ahead of others concerning taking care of the pending tasks. Those who get up late are often less efficient as compared to the early

risers. Moreover, fitness freaks get clean and pristine air whenever they walk in the early hours. Apart from this, our willpower is at its peak during this time.

3.  What kind of situations need people to arrive early?

Whenever we have to catch something which runs according to a timetable we need to come early. For instance, while boarding a train or a flight, it is prudent to reach before time. Apart from this, we stop ourselves from being anxious by reaching before time for meetings, and interviews etc.

4.  Why do some people like to stay up late?

Those people who are night fighters have this habit of getting up late. Such people often work for late hours and hit the sack at midnight. Due to this reason getting up early is a daunting task for them.


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