Describe a time when a family member asked for your help


You should say:

  • who asked for your help

  • when it was

  • how you helped this family member

  • explain how you felt about it.

Sample Answer:

I think that out of four daughters and a son, I am the “least” favourite of my mother. This is perhaps because I scarcely extend my helping hands to her in maintaining the house. My father opposes my idea and thinks that I am my mother’s favourite, and that’s why she wants me to study very attentively and not waste time doing any household chores.

My mother seldom asks for my help except on some rare occasions, and that too only for very small things, like closing the cabinet doors, opening the door or ordering some grocery items online. For this topic, I would, however, talk about a time when my mother asked for my “help” or “a big favour” as she called it.

My mother asked for my help by asking me if I would be ready to keep something confidential between us and help her out of a problem. I assured her that I would do anything for her.

If I remember it correctly, it would be seven or eight months ago when my mother asked for this cooperation from me. That evening I returned from the university, and my mother came to my room to talk to me. After a few minutes of hesitation and chitchat, she told me that she needed this favour.

She told me that her brother, who was at least ten years younger than my mother and often the reason for troubles in his family, was in some kind of problems. She needed a large sum of money to help him out, but despite her best effort, she was still a few hundred dollars short. She also mentioned that she did not want to ask for the money from my dad.

So, my mother asked me to lend her some money and keep my uncle’s issue a secret for the time being. I immediately assured her that I would give her the money the next day after I withdrew the money from my bank, and keep my uncles’ mess a secret as long as she wanted me. I gave her the money from my personal savings and helped her as she wanted me to.

Well, after being able to help my mother with the money, I talked to her to soothe her as she looked anxious and upset. I told her “things are going to get okay soon”. And, after that, I felt really happy and proud. Besides, I realized that my mother had all sorts of confidence in me, and she loved me a lot.


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