Describe a teacher from your school or college whom you admired or liked a lot

You should say:

  • who this teacher is

  • what subject he/she taught you

  • what good qualities this teacher had

  • explain why you admired or liked this teacher so much.

Sample Answer:

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the time and opportunity you’ve given me to talk about one of the teachers whom I liked and admired a lot. In fact, I could think of more than one such great educator whom I still respect and like so much. But, here I can’t talk about all of them within this limited time. So, I’ll go ahead and talk about Mr Jonathon – one of the tutors from my school.

Now to introduce Mr Jonathon a little, he taught us “physics” when we were in grade eight. He was a great teacher whom most of his students liked. He knew about the subject and lessons he needed to teach very well, and he had been excellent when it came to explaining complex issues in simple terms and with relevant examples. I became interested in studying and understanding physics due to his outstanding teaching method as well as motivational talks. I still love physics and a major share of the credit goes to this teacher.

As an instructor, he had been successful in creating interest in the mind of his disciples and also motivating them to explore and learn more beyond academic lessons. He even made the least-attentive students listen to his lecture sincerely. Such was his attention towards his students that he dedicated extra time explaining complex issues to weak and interested students. Besides, he was friendly, devoted and punctual.

I personally admired him (and still admire him) because he was an exemplary teacher as well as a great mentor. He never hankered after cheap popularity and was a great person who knew his responsibilities as a teacher. I also admired him because he always motivated me to do well academically while also inspiring me to nurture good human qualities.