Describe a song that has a special meaning to you

You should say:

  • what this song is about

  • when and where you first heard this song

  • how often you listen to this song now

  • explain why this song has a special meaning to you.

Sample Answer:

I’m a music enthusiast when it comes to listening to music or exploring different genres of music. I probably love listening to music more than any other free time activity. And, as a result, I like many different songs. However, one of my favourite songs that I want to talk about today is “Wind of Change” by the famous rock band “Scorpions”. This particular song was recorded for the band’s eleventh studio album, “Crazy World” in 1990.

So basically, the song “Wind of change” is a metaphor for the collapse of the USSR, which was one of the most-powerful political states on Earth. And the song celebrates the fact that such is indeed transpiring. In the song, the musicians of the band are idealizing the whole event as one which will lead to freedom, opportunity and a brighter day – or as the band artistically puts it “children of tomorrow dream(ing) away”. An alternative opinion expresses that this song pertains to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“Wind of Change” is one of the best-selling singles of all time, and its meaningful lyrics still touch the hearts of millions. I heard this song for the first time when I was a high school student. I was around 14 years old back then and just after listening to this song, I knew that this will become one of my favourite songs. As far as I recall, I heard this song at a friend’s house, and this friend of mine explained the deep meaning and powerful background of this song to me.

I used to listen to this music as a young teenager pretty frequently. I have listened to this song so many times that I can remember and hum the entire song line by line. These days, I do not listen to music that often mainly because of my very busy schedule. However, “Scorpions” is one of my all-time favourite music bands and whenever I listen to music, a couple of their songs, including “Wind of change”, remain on my playlist.

I think this song has a powerful message and a profound background. When I learned the history and legacy of this song and its resonation throughout decades among music lovers, I was deeply touched and got attached to this song. Personally, whenever I was tired or got depressed, it would lift my spirit up, and soothe my soul. It made me think about the importance of global peach, and how our little effort can make big differences. This song is still special to me.


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