Describe a pet that you or someone else you know has

You should say:

  • what type of pet it is

  • who has this pet

  • how long you or the person has this pet

  • explain what your impression of this pet is.

Sample Answer:

My younger sister has a cat, and my sister calls her “Rosy” perhaps because of the cat’s stunning colour and charming look. Though I have an aquarium with a couple of goldfish and a tortoise, I will go ahead and talk about my sister’s cat “Rosy” for this topic.

“Rosy” – the cat, possibly the best companion of my ten years old sister Elina, was a gift from my father. He bought a little and gorgeous looking kitten for Elina on her 8th birthday. The cat had been at our house ever since. She liked all of us except the dog that we have at our house.

This adorable creature – with soft fur and amiable nature – is a source of joy for all of us at the house. She likes to play with my sister, sleeps at a soft, flabby, or spongy place, and chase whatever moves. Her “meow” sound indicates that she needs attention or food, while her “hisses” or “purrs” means she is irritated about something. Milk and fish are her favourite food, and she likes to be fed by none other than my sister and my father – two persons in our house who take the best care of her.

Of course, I love Rosy; she is a beautiful and adorable pet. Sometimes she comes to me and sits beside me as if she is looking for some attention and cuddle. Sometimes I think about owning a cat, but I discard the idea of having a cat because I am too busy with my work and other responsibilities to manage enough time to take proper care of the pet.