Describe a neighbour who is very friendly to others


You should say:

  • who this neighbour is

  • how long you have known him/her

  • what he/she does for a living

  • explain why you think he/she is very friendly to others.

Sample Answer:

Honestly speaking, I don’t really get much time to interact with my neighbours to get an idea as to how friendly they really are to each other. However, there are a few neighbours of mine who happen to be friendly to me, at least. So, I guess, I will just go ahead talk about one of them here.

The neighbour, I am talking about is Jeremy who lives only a couple of hundred feet away from me on the other end of the street. I have known Jeremy for almost 5 years now, even though he moved into our neighbourhood long before that, and the reason for that is he is a police officer, and I just don’t have a very favourable opinion of a police officer of my country, probably because they are usually very rude to their subjects, meaning the violators of the laws. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all police of my country were or are like that, but the few police officers, I have seen so far, have always behaved in a negative manner to their subjects.

But, Jeremy is certainly not like that. In fact, after meeting him for the first time at a pharmacy, when buying medicines for my father, I have known him to be a friendly person. In fact, he has come to my home on numerous occasions in order to ask me if my elderly father was doing ok and also that I could always count on him if I needed any help. Besides, the owner of the pharmacy, where I go to get my medicine, also has only good things to say about Jeremy.

Well, I think that Jeremy is friendly to others, mainly because he understands his roles and responsibilities perfectly well due to being a police officer. After all, as a person of the law enforcement agency, he should always come as a reliable and trustworthy person to others. Besides, he could be friendly to others also because that would make his “policing” job a lot easier.