Describe a natural talent you want to improve like sports music IELTS Cue Card

Follow up Questions

Describe a natural talent you want to improve like sports music - Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a natural talent you want to improve like sports music”.

1.  Do you think artists with talents should focus on their talents?

As per my opinion, if you have a skill or talent, you must hone it. Because in this contemporary epoch, specialists earn the most. So rather than focussing on doing various things, one should target his/her strengths. Because when you work in your talented field, you get into a state of flow and give your best. This thing is best explained in a Japanese book by the name of “Ikigai“.According to this book when we do that thing in which we are skilful, then our work doesn’t seem a burden to us. In other words, we enjoy our work and our time passes quickly. On the other hand, if we do a task that is not according to our strengths, we face numerous challenges. Hence having the central focus on the talent you possess is a prudent approach.

2.  Is it possible for us to know the children who are 3 or 4 years old will become musicians or painters when they grow up?

Although children show a glimpse of their talent in their formative years, it is difficult to predict whether they will become musicians or painters when they grow up. Because as we age, our preferences keep on changing. So a child who is good at singing must turn his attention towards dancing in the future. Because unlike past youngsters these days have a plethora of career options. We are living in a world where having a micro-niche talent can lead your life towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Therefore career predictions for children are difficult to make.

3.  Do you think parents feel guilty for putting too much pressure on their children?

Although parents always give their best while doing the upbringing of their children,

sometimes they make them follow the wrong trajectory in life. Because a few parents have this conviction that by pressurising their kids, they can bring the best out of them.

However, this practice kills the confidence of children and adds tremendous stress to their lives. Many children often fail in life due to this approach. Due to this attitude of parents, some children have to go through burnt-child syndrome. This is a psychological issue, children going through such syndrome follow the wrong trajectory and ruin their life. In case children do not achieve goals despite enough pressure from parents, the parents feel guilty.

4.  Why do people like to watch talent shows?

People like to watch talent shows for two reasons. Firstly they get entertained through this practice. As people feel bored by watching the same talent again and again. Reality shows provide them with much-needed freshness. Because many budding artists showcase their talent in such shows. Viewers break the monotony by watching the best talent. And

sometimes, the talent showcased by the artists in talent hunt shows is far better than the ability of overhyped celebrities. Because in such shows, participants give their best to beat their opponents. Secondly, people get inspiration from talent shows, and some of the viewers get motivated to bring out their hidden talent. Many people keep their talent with themselves only, they feel shy while exhibiting it. However, when they see others showing their talent, they also get charged and jump on the bandwagon.

5.  Do you think it is more interesting to watch famous peoples or ordinary people’s show?

In my opinion, it is more interesting to watch ordinary people because they bring out something new. As far as famous people are concerned most people have already watched their talent. There is less element of surprise in the talent of famous people because for them showcasing something different, after becoming famous is a daunting task. So they sound monotonous. Whereas ordinary people bring an element of surprise because they know that they need to do something out of the box to move their life towards an impressive growth trajectory.


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