Describe a mistake you have once made

You should say:

  • what mistake it was

  • when you made it

  • how you made it

  • explain how you felt about making this mistake.

Sample Answer:

We all wish that we could avoid making any kind of mistakes in our life and have an error-free life. But as humans, we all make mistakes which I think is a part of human life. For this topic, I would like to talk about a mistake that I made recently. Before I go into the details, I’d like to thank you for this topic and the time you have allowed me to talk about it.

Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, our country entered into a strict lockdown several times. Considering the situation of the pandemic, the lockdown was also relaxed, temporarily lifted and so on. So one evening, when the announcement came for strict lockdown and restrictions of movement from midnight, I was a bit less wise the next day.

It was perhaps a fine evening on Sunday last July when I got fully dressed up and got out of the home to have my regular evening walk despite the fact that we should not be out due to lockdown and the authority’s attempt to stop the spread of the virus. I did put on my mask and went outside to walk but I completely forgot that the lockdown was in place and I should not be out of the home to comply with the laws and Corona restrictions.

It was a big mistake which I realised only when I walked for about 40 minutes on the street and then stopped by a police car. It was, in fact, a blunder and very unwise of me. I felt really bad once I realised my mistake. I felt that I was one of those bad persons whose acts jeopardise the government’s initiative to save lives and stop the virus from spreading and causing destruction.

I sincerely apologised to the officer who believed my words and advised me to use a nearby park or my rooftop to have the evening stroll. I thanked him and felt ashamed for my mistake. Though it was an honest mistake, it was a mistake nevertheless.


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