Describe a healthy activity you enjoy doing regularly

You should say:

  • what it is

  • how long you have been doing this

  • who you do it with

  • explain why you enjoy doing it.

Sample Answer:

Thank you very much for this excellent topic. So, for this topic, I’ll be talking about an activity that I highly enjoy doing on a regular basis, and which also helps me remain healthy and fit.

The activity I am talking about is playing football every evening. Doing some kind of physical activity is essential for a healthy life, and it has become even more important in the modern era when obesity and health issues have become so widespread. Every evening, except for some rare occasions, I, along with a few friends of mine, go to our college playground and play football for about one and half hours or so. This is not just merely something we do to remain fit, rather we play football because we love this sport.

I’ve been playing football since my childhood, and I am very enthusiastic about it. But I’ve been indulging to play it regularly as a healthy activity for the last two years.

I play football with a few of my friends who live nearby the college playground or in our locality. They also take it as a good opportunity to spend some quality time with friends while also doing some exercise each day.

Since I love football, I thoroughly enjoy playing this sport. It is a healthy activity because it helps me remain fit. Football, as a sport, builds our body and enhances our stamina and strengthen our muscles. It is also a team sport that helps us develop our skills in working in a team. I also love to do it because it gives me a good opportunity to go out in the evening and spend some good time with my friends.