Describe a good human quality you admire

You should say:

  • what it is

  • how it can help us to do better in life

  • whether you have this quality

  • explain why you admire this quality so much.

Sample Answer:

All human beings have the potential to become successful and do great things in life, but only a tiny fraction of them can harness their true potential and attain meaningful success. I believe one of the most significant human qualities that make that difference is “punctuality”. Thus I admire “punctuality” as a great human quality. I would like to thank you for this excellent topic.

I believe punctuality has a paramount value in our life, and punctual people, who do things exactly at the right time, are better organised. Our life is short, and the value of time is perhaps the greatest. Since we all need to do so many things in our limited amount of time, only punctual individuals can finish their tasks at the right time and thus move ahead in life faster. Punctuality is also helpful to have a stress-free life. Procrastination and laziness kill our precious time, hinder our success and bring misery to our life.

Well, I try to be punctual and finish my tasks in time. However, I can’t label myself as one of those people who have practised this excellent quality from an early age and made it a part of their basic characteristics. I am happy that I am much punctual these days than ever before.

I admire “punctuality” because I’ve experienced how punctual people stay ahead and accomplish more in life. Laziness and procrastination have caused a great deal of trouble in my own life. And I know that doing things at the right moment is the mantra to a successful life, and also a sure way to progress and stay ahead in life. Finally, punctuality brings more opportunities in life and makes us more active.