Describe a frightening experience you once have had

You should say:

  • what it was

  • when it was

  • what happened

  • explain why it was a frightening experience for you.


Sample Answer:

I wish I didn’t have to experience such a frightening event, but this is life, and we can’t control everything about it. For this topic, I’ll share an event with you when I encountered one of the most daunting experiences in my life.

It took place approximately two decades ago when I was just six or seven years old. I, along with three of my friends, went to play in a nearby playground just after 4.00 pm on that eventful day. The playground was quite popular among children. It was huge, and it had excellent security measures so that children could play freely without hurting or harming themselves. As local kids, we were known to the guards and security personnel, and that’s why they allowed us to play there without the supervision or presence of our parents or guardians.

On that fateful day, one of my companions, who was barely seven years old, proposed that we should leave the playground and visit the nearby lake and try to catch some fish as it was the perfect time for fishing. To our childish and inquisitive minds, it was an excellent idea. But little did we know that it was a risky and imprudent decision!

We were four kids in total, and the most senior among us was just nine years old. We quickly walked out of the playground as if we were on an important stealth mission, and reached the lake after 25 minutes or so. The area was deserted, and we could not see anyone near us. It did not bother us either. So, we got busy trying to catch some fish with our bare hands, and it proved out to be very difficult within a few minutes. In my desperate attempt, I went deeper into the lake, and to my horror, found myself plunging into the water all of a sudden. The horrifying experience still lingers even after so many years.

It was a frightening experience because the feeling of drowning is indeed a mortifying experience. As a child, I had a near-death experience that day, and it was so horrifying and shocking that it was ingrained in my brain. I was gasping for air while my body almost lost its control due to the lack of oxygen. I was so lucky that two people noticed the event and quickly responded to save me. I still feel grateful to these two brave persons who saved me on that day from drowning and dying.