Describe a dress or uniform you wear or used to wear at your school or office


You should say:

  • when you wear/used to wear it

  • what it looks/looked like

  • how it is/was different than wearing casual dresses

  • explain how you feel/felt about wearing this dress or uniform.

Sample Answer:


Well, some people regard the uniform as a part of discipline at an educational institute or organisation. They also believe that it symbolises professionalism. However, others often dislike any kind of uniform as they believe that it takes away their freedom. As an employee, I am not required to wear any uniform now, but I can recall wearing a uniform in my high school. For this topic, I will share my experience of my school uniform with you.

I got admitted to my high school in 2009, and the school had rigid dress codes for all of its students. No pupil was allowed to enter the school premises without wearing the right dresses prescribed by the school authority. During my 5 years of study in this school, I wore uniforms whenever I attended my classes. Interestingly, we were allowed to wear casual dresses during our exams, which was a bit unusual considering the rules and regulations that our school liked to follow.

Anyway, as a mixed-sex school, we had both boys and girls, and their dress codes were different. Boys were required to wear navy blue formal pants, a white full-sleeve shirt, a black jumper during the winter, a pair of black oxford shoes, white socks and a student badge. Girls, on the other hand, were asked to wear white shirts or blouses and grey pinafore over them, grey skirts, black formal shoes, red socks, and red cardigans during the winter season. They also wore a student badge. The badge contained the monogram and name of the school, student’s full name, class and roll number on it.

Wearing the school uniform was definitely different from wearing casual dresses. First, it loudly gave our identity to anyone who looked at us. It was meant to symbolise our unity as students in our school and it represented that we were either in our school, heading to schools or getting back from school.

Personally, whenever I wore this uniform, I felt like I was ready to attend my classes and I am a student. It also gave me a sense of belonging to my school which was great. But, sometimes I did wish that I could wear something else than wearing the same school uniform every day.