Describe a change that can improve your local area


You should say:

  • what change it is

  • why this change is needed

  • what you can do to help with it

  • explain how this change will improve your local area.

Sample Answer:

Well, this is such an important topic to talk about. To tell the truth, I would like to change a lot of things in my local area in order to improve it. But, unfortunately, I just don’t have the authority or the means to do it. Anyway, here is one of those changes which I would like to talk about.

Even though the locality in which I currently live now, doesn’t have many things to convince its dwellers to call it a “perfect place” for living, it still has one thing that many localities in and around my cities don’t – it has a beautiful lake.

Well, I like to call it a “beautiful lake”, mainly because it has clear water, and it also has a good number of trees on both sides of it, which makes it even more appealing to many nature lovers. People like to visit this lake in numbers with their families and friends in order to enjoy some quality time, mostly during the afternoon and at the weekends. But, while this lake has been considered as a perfect “getaway” for many busy people of my locality and city for a long time, very little has been done to improve its waste disposal system.

In fact, I have found many wastes, lying open in many wastebaskets, there to be spreading foul smell, probably because the trash man didn’t collect them in a long time. But, this unhealthy situation at this lake site needs to be changed, and for that, I am going to ask our local city authority to employ more resources in order to keep it more hygienic and healthy.

Anyway, ensuring a better waste disposal system in this lake site would, in turn, ensure a better recreational facility for the residents of my locality so that they can enjoy a more healthy life. Besides, it would also help increase the revenue of our local city authority since more people would visit this place and spend their money at the cafes and restaurants there.


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