The tendency of human beings to copy one another is shown in the popularity of fashion clothes and consumer goods. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The paradigm shift is responsible for the propensity of the masses to imitate others, such as their clothes, hairstyles, and footwear. As a result, it has increased the demand for fashionable garments and other valuable items. I agree with it because it keeps the masses and manufacturers, who also get massive profits.

To begin with, the masses follow each other because they want to keep themselves abreast of the outer world. To elaborate, when they see the others are wearing unique attire and this has groomed their personalities, they blindly copy them to be like them. Also, being praised by others stimulates them to imitate them. For instance, the clothes worn by film stars are highly in demand. Every piece of clothing and footwear is being sold like hotcakes. People become compulsive buyers, and this tendency to copy others can be seen everywhere. Individuals make modifications in their outlook and are also full of superiority complexes. In addition, manufacturers also get huge profits because of increased demand for specific products. They know that people will buy items that celebrities use frequently. They use it, and sometimes the demand increases and the supply decreases.

In addition, shopping websites and advertisements also enhance the demand for consumer items. The need for those products escalates when anything is displayed to consumers by exaggerating its benefits. To exemplify it, people suffering from some complexes, such as an inferiority complex, may be targeted more. It may be due to their short stature and dark complexion. They transform their appearance by wearing stylish clothes and using effective face washes and creams. People feel more confident and optimistic about themselves. Consequently, manufacturers attain a considerable profit.

To sum up, based on the above analysis, it seems likely that most people copy what others do to stay up to date and eliminate irrational fears about their color, skin tone, and short height.